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The original board of the Gainesville Housing Authority, in early 1950s

GH Board and Staff

The GH Board of Commissioners establishes policies and provides leadership and oversight to the organization. The board is composed of five members appointed by the mayor of Gainesville. The members serve a five-year term. Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every other month at 7:30 a.m., beginning January. From time to time, the date and time may change. Meeting locations vary and are posted on our website and at the main administrative office as well as advertised in The Times, in Gainesville, on an annual basis.

GH Board of Commissioners


Left to right:
Darryl P. Smallwood - Chairman
Myrtle Figueras - Commissioner
Faron Thompson - Commissioner
Joy Griffin - Commissioner (not shown)
Kimberly Harper - Resident Commissioner (not shown)

Ex-Officio Members of the Board
Zack Thompson

GH Executive Director and Leadership Staff

Beth Brown
Patrick Scarlett
Kim Anderson
Shanna Kennedy

GH Staff

Beth Brown
770-536-1294 ext. 205

Patrick Scarlett
Director of Property Management
770-536-1294 ext. 21104

Tiana Ford 
Assistant Director of Property Management
770-536-1294 ext. 206\

Kim Anderson
Facilities Manager
770-536-1294 ext. 22213

Shanna Kennedy
Operations Manager
770-536-1294 ext. 204

Beatriiz Shirley
Property Manager
770-536-1294 ext. 20209

Jabneel Vargas
Community Manager
770-769-1236 ext. 22100

Griselda Enriquez
Resident Services Director

Deji Akintonde
Project Manager

Bill Woodring
Accounts Payable
770-536-1294 ext. 207

Angelique Foster
Leasing Agent

Pearl Garcia
Leasing Agent