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Our public arts in public/affordable housing initiative (PAPAH)

Our Public Arts in Public/Affordable Housing (PAPAH) Initiative was crafted for Midtown Villages to foster a creative environment among our low-income children and families to achieve better school performance, higher quality of life and the skillset to envision a better future. We also wanted these six campuses to have an uplifting, vibrant atmosphere, with art everywhere. 
UPDATE: Midtown Villages redevelopment has been awarded the 2022 Affordable Housing Finance magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Public Housing Redevelopment in the U.S., among four other awards


"The community’s standout feature, though, is its multifaceted arts education initiative, which includes on-site art classes, an art and crafts room, guest lectures, murals, sculptures, and more."

Affordable Housing Finance magazine, July 29, 2022 Read the award article

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