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The scholarship process aims to provide Gainesville Housing Corp with a means to recognize and promote individuals who live in Gainesville Housing homes and are interested in furthering their education by providing financial assistance for tuition, books, or registration fees for educational programs. As part of Resident Services, we encourage residents to attend college with a clear path from loans. Scholarships would fund these unmet needs and allow you to finish your post-secondary education efforts. 


Visit GA Futures to begin applying for FAFSA, as it is a requirement before you apply for scholarships.

1) Visit GA Futures and Create your Account

2) Click on Federal Aid & Scholarships

3) On the "Getting Started" tab, select the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" link


Following are scholarship opportunities for High School Seniors:


Midtown Villages

1) Read the GHC Scholarship Policy

2) Complete the Scholarship Application Form ***If you are not able to upload your Resume and Transcript, please email them to

Horizon Housing Foundation*► Midtown Villages only***

1) Visit the Horizon Housing Foundation 

2) Select Scholarships

3) Under "College Scholarships,"  click "Apply."


North Georgia Community Foundation

1) Visit the North Georgia Community Foundation pages

2) Select Scholarships

3) Under "For Students," click "Apply." 


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Visit HSF to find out the eligibility requirements to apply. 

Click Here for a list of Scholarships for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. 


To Contact us:

Maria Calkins                                                      Griselda Saucedo

Resident Services Director                                               Resident Services Coordinator

404-358-3358 (Call or Text)                                              770-530-1547 (Call or Text)