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Gainesville Housing Corp


A Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners will be held at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 in person at Gainesville Housing at 854 Davis Street.


Below is the meeting agenda:


The Gainesville Housing Corporation (GHC) provides qualified low and moderate income citizens of Hall County with affordable housing alternatives, education and supportive services through charitable support from individuals, businesses and public and private organization.

A current GHC project in development is Walton Harbor (above), formerly Tower Heights Apartments.

The GHC serves as an adjunct to Gainesville Housing and is able to perform such functions as receiving contributions from other organizations and being able to obtain loans and grants to purchase and rehabilitate properties outside of the scope of Gainesville Housing. The development of Walton Summit (below), formerly Atlanta Street Apartments (below at left), was possible through the Gainesville Housing Corporation.

Atlanta St. Apartments, left, and Waton Summit, at right

Through development, partnerships, outreach and education, GHC provides service-enriched and sustainable affordable housing resources for our community:

  • GHC may purchase, construct, rehabilitate or otherwise acquire housing for the purpose of providing affordable housing options within our community.
  • GHC may provide supportive services for citizens of Hall County as necessary to further our goal of expanding affordable housing options.
  • GHC may provide outreach and educational services for citizens of Hall County as necessary to further our goals of expanding affordable housing options.
  • GHC may partner with and/or support, either monetarily or otherwise, other non-profit organizations where their goals and objectives are consistent with and complement our goals and objectives.
  • GHC may promote affordable housing policy initiatives.
  • GHC may serve as the property management group for affordable housing developments.
  • GHC may provide referrals to individuals seeking affordable housing and/or related supportive services.