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How to avoid holiday theft and fires


The holidays usually conjure visions of smiles, turkey and swirling lights – but sometimes the season brings unwanted thefts and fires. Here’s how to avoid both:

Avoid theft

Leave your house lights on if you travel, or better yet, put them on a timer so they switch on randomly as if someone is moving around.

Don’t showcase your gifts or shopping bags. Keep those presents away from windows in both the house and in cars. Keep them hidden and lock the doors.

• Ask a neighbor to gather your mail if you travel

• Make sure deliveries for online shopping are scheduled to arrive when you are home.  

Prevent Fires

•  Make sure your trees lights and cords are in good shape. Many tree fires are caused by electrical problems.

Use only indoor lights inside the house. Outdoor lights are made differently and may generate more heat.

Check the bottom of a real tree. Verify that the cut is fresh and clean enough to soak up water. If not, cut a slice off the bottom.
Water real trees daily. Dry tree needles are a hazard.

Turn off lights when you leave the house or go to bed.

Dispose of real trees after usage. Dried-out trees propped against the house are a hazard.