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New website, logo, capabilities!


‘Gainesville Housing’ brand marks a new era


As changing federal policies, economic realities and the pandemic have created new challenges, we at Gainesville Housing have adopted new strategies to thrive in spite of these conditions, laying the groundwork for success today and more operational diversity and opportunities for the future.


To reflect this growth, we are re-branding our organization with a new name, website, logo and identity. Here is a look at what we are changing:


• Our organizational name: ‘Gainesville Housing Authority’ is now ‘Gainesville Housing.’ Yes, we still administer public housing, but now we also do a lot more, including property redevelopment, managing other agencies and participating in other housing and development opportunities.


• Our logo: We are rolling out a new mark to reflect this change. The logo depicts a house symbol – that is also an upward arrow – springing up from the rolling green hills of Hall. Our slogan is ‘Building Thriving Communities.’


• Our website: we have relaunched a new website, too! It now offers the ability to read it in Spanish – and dozens of other languages!

Still at, expect to see more news, opportunities and vital info.